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-Conversation Enhancer



10ml Spray


-Barbershop Clean Scent

-Social Sexual Formula

-Day or Night use

-Oil based

-Long Lasting

5ml Oil in Glass Dropper



-Powerful Bonding

-Day or Night use

-Relationship Enhancer


10ml Spray


-Stealth Sexual 

-Day or Night use

-Female Attractant

-Oil Based


5ml Oil in glass dropper


-God King Formula 

-Day or Night use

-Persian Inspired

-Variation of Classic Scent

-Oil Based

-Alpha Sexual

-Long Lasting


5ml Oil in glass dropper



-Pheromone Enhancer

-Spotlight Effect

-Popularity Increase

-High Projection


10ml spray



-Deep Conversation

-First Date Cologne

-Attraction Enhancer


10ml Spray


-Bonding Initiator

-Date Night Cologne

-Can Assist With Leaving Lasting Impressions


10ml Spray


-Social Alpha Formula

-Strengthens Social Status

-Work Safe

-More Social Than TUSC


10ml Spray




-Faster Escalation

-Second date pheromone


10ml Spray


-Increases Conversation

-IOI Generator

-Work Safe

-Increases Social Awareness

-Our most Social Formula


10ml Spray


-Increases Conversation

-Sexual Formula

-ONS product

-Increases Social Comfort

-Our most Sexual Formula


10ml Spray


-Heavy Alpha Oil

-Very Masculine

-Long Lasting

-Work Safe

-Increases Social Status

-More Serious Than Titan

-5ml dropper



-Heavy Alpha Oil

-Very Masculine

-Long Lasting

-Work Safe

-Increases Social Status

-More Serious Than Titan

-10ml dropper


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Communication Signals

  Communication has always been important to the survival of any species. Animals have long relied on scent communication for territory marking and mate selection. Bees and ants have a complex social caste created with pheromones. So where do these primitive chemicals fit into modern day human society?

     Throughout our known history, communication methods have ranged from cave drawings, archaic smoke signals and carrier pigeons to modern satellites, text messages, and Email. Information has passed between our species for thousands of years and not all of it has been visible to the naked eye.

     Science is just now beginning to unlock the secrets of these chemical signals. There are ways of communication other than spoken word or symbols and pheromones are one of them. These silent communicators are released every day by every one of us. The topics of the message are based on our genes, lifestyle, diet, environment, etc.
     Modern hygiene practices, and some medications, restrict our full utilization of these chemical signals. In a nutshell, chemical reception breakdown (from lack of use) on an already weakened pheromone signal (from frequent bathing and/or exogenous hormone replacement.)  

The Schematics of SWEAT

An invisible representation of you is being released all day long from your sweat glands in the form of perspiration. Some could call this an aura. Some could call it an electrically-charged sweat fog full of metabolic wastes that can transmit chemical messages.

     This skin evaporate is mostly water and salt, but also a complex mixture of metabolic byproducts and chemical messengers that can subconsciously tell others, through scent, a form of vital statistics. A personalized olfactory blueprint of your immune system. This is a mechanism for proliferation of species diversity. Being instinctively driven to seek out others with differing immune systems also is a natural barrier against inbreeding.

     We are sure you have seen the magazine or online ads promoting endless love and sex with just a simple spray of this or that. We remember getting burned by those back of the magazine advertisements too. Unfortunately in the real world, those "Get laid now" advertisement descriptions are not quite that simple.   


     If your objective is to find and try over-marketed pheromone colognes promising unrealistic expectations with no science to back it up.. Well this website is NOT for you.

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to provide unique premium pheromone colognes backed with a strong commitment to quality and consistency. We personally use the pheromones we sell and our formula ingredients are lab certified for purity and potency.

     Apex offers artisan products that contain synthetic human pheromones in precise proportions. Each Apex product strives for a customized sociological effect.
Each product formulation is hand made in small batches to ensure the very best in precision measuring and quality control.

     Each formula is vigorously tested in public venues by skilled pheromone users and calibrated for maximum efficiency. We wear what we sell.
We have university educated scientists and chemists available in the formulation and creation of our products.

     Education, experience, dedication to quality, and a special understanding of pheromones are the hallmarks of our service.

How do they work?

What Makes Apex Products More Than Just Cologne ?

Ever wonder why people at concerts raise their arms in excitement? Why do people lift their arms high on roller coasters and concerts?

     When humans are excited they excrete certain hormone metabolites into their sweat. Armpits are an outlet of that sweat and evaporate these pheromones into the air. This message is detected by others and next thing you know it's hands in the air. Mother nature has a crafty way of getting the party started.

     Think of this subconscious way of showing elation that goes deep into our primitive brains. Primal chemical messengers that are received by primal chemical receptors. Humans are naturally social creatures and these pheromones are a way of chemically talking without words.
Natural chemicals, lost from modern hygiene, could be more important to socialization than we once thought.

     Why do we as a species seem to have grown distant in socialization practices?
Apart from media distractions and electronic devices, one could say our everyday hygiene techniques are a double edged sword. The course of showering with cleansing agents removes dirt and odors but also the natural pheromones from our skin.

     This has the possibility of reducing our chemical communication potential.
So in a competitive world where every edge counts is your edge literally running down the drain?
Aside from not showering and breaking unwritten human laws of decency, how do we keep these natural chemical messengers from washing away?
     The solution: Reintroduce them back onto your body in specific ratios. Minus the sweat, of course.
We at Apex have isolated various molecules that replicate the effects of the primal pheromones lost from cleansing practices.

     These synthetic pheromones, when incorporated into an ultra premium carrier spray, have the ability to produce subtle changes in social environments. It's not magic. It's science.
We then alter the ratios to which the pheromones are reintroduced. When applied correctly and consistently, this technique has the potential to influence social relationships.

     This is how Apex Pheromones work.


If you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days of your purchase, you can return your product for a refund.

Many pheromone enthusiasts utilize a cover scent to mask the smell of pheromones from those who can smell them.


Our most popular cover scent.  Great for any occasion.

Earthy cardamom, rosemary, and oak moss combine very well with bright, citrus, and woody fir. Vetiver and clean musk make up the base.


A light, refreshing citrusy scent that is perfect for the office or casual situations.

Red apple, geranium, and mandarin orange peel. Dry amber and cedar wood ground this very popular scent.


A Very versatile scent. Good for Day or Night.


Starfruit and bitter citrus rinds.
Green notes mix with calming lavender atop a base medley of masculine, white, and blue musk. Great for work or play, day or night.


Luxurious, decalescent cover. Perfect for every day at the office or a night on the town.

Masculine notes of leather and tobacco leaf are complimented by light citrus and cinnamon. This is a long lasting aromatic that is sure to warm up cold approaches.


Premium blend sandalwood oils. This fragrance is completely made by us and has been highly tested to provide the best synergy with the pheromones in the Imprint formula.

     The scent itself also imparts an additional aphrodisiac character to the product due to the actual organic sandalwood oils. It is light enough to be easily covered or left standalone if desired.


A citrus blend of neroli and pineapples combine with earthy coriander and oak moss for a delightfully clean, fresh scent.

Rosewood, sandalwood, and cedar provide a strong woody base. Those that like our Pulse scent will most likely enjoy this one as well.


Juicy tangerine and earthy violet ionones are skillfully combined with herbaceous lavender to form the top of this scent pack.

The Brightleaf tobacco note rests comfortably between strong, amber, and gold musk bases.


Great for evening wear, Fuse is a cool weather scent that really shines at night. This scent is best used in the presence of cold beer and hot women.

Granny Smith apple and lemon geranium with a hint of ambroxan. Tonka and cedar stiffen the middle while Vetiver and Cedar hold the base together.


Sun fresh oranges and bright bergamot combine with heart of birch and oakmoss create a solid bridge into a complicated base of musks and ambroxan.

This scent is perfect for any time of day in any situation.


Coming soon...



     Core pheromone sprays contain well tested pheromones in very specific ratios combined with a few unique ingredients. These special ingredients help the pheromones travel easier from the skin, to the air, to other people.

     With Core, we have created an enhanced aura cloud that goes light years beyond the simple olfactory stimulus of a normal cologne.
We are not going to spin some garbage to you and say it will make the average guy an instant alpha dog or be swarmed by mobs of sex crazed women. Here at Apex we keep it real. Core is not engineered for the particular purpose of recreating some hollywood-style marketing machine scenario.

     This is a personality driven charisma product formulated and designed to feed off your own pheromone signature then enhance your interactions with additional boosting pheromones. You actually have to put in a bit of work to get your natural pheromones going so smile and be a happy healthy version of yourself.
Core is formulated to open more social doors but you will eventually have to walk through them yourself.

     Now forget you have the product on and just have fun.
     Core is an ultra premium baseline attraction product that not only enhances the aura of the wearer, but also tends to magnify the effects of other pheromone products it may be paired with.
What to expect.

     Like mentioned before, Core is a popularity product. It works along with your own chemistry. How you interact with your environment is up to you. Applying the product then hiding in the darkest corner of the bar will not achieve the desired result of having a spotlight on you now is it.

     This cologne is not a magic potion nor is it a replacement for poorly developed social skills.
Core is very easy to open (talk to) strangers and extremely good on people you already know. Old acquaintances will act like your best pal and new friends are made quite easily. Attention in the form of more stares and jovial conversation from the opposite sex is common.

     Recommended Dosage is 2 sprays with a maximum of 3 sprays total per 24 hours. The product is still working after the scent fades. Optimal duration is 6-8 hours with a slow decline in results thereafter. Best application advice is to apply the sprays to pulse points such as the neck and wrists.

                         Advanced Use:

     Core can be combined with numerous other Apex Pheromone products for synergistic effects. Sometimes different application doses per product may be explored to account for differing body chemistry's.

     Taking in adequate clean water amounts and a multivitamin is recommended with any pheromone use.


     Ever come across a scent that reminded you of something from your past? The way a particular smell instantly transports you back to the time and place you remember it from?

     Scent memory is an understudied field that has the possibility of being stronger than sight memory. Our Imprint product uses similar pathways to increase the way situations are processed and the bonding emotions that follow.
Love is in the air.

     You have used Core to increase your social proof and woo countless mistresses from coast to coast. Now you have that special date with someone you would like to build something with. If you seek a bit of enhanced bonding and comfort from a female then Imprint is perfect. Women remember most how you make them feel.

     The tech behind Imprint is the synergistic relationship of Androstanone and Androstadienone.

Androstanone is a molecule that has a unique ability to be both social and sexual. Much of this effect depends on molecule pairings and app dose. It also has the ability to create an imprinting type of effect that seem to scribe impressions deeper when used at certain dosages. It has the ability to exert effect solo but we have noticed that it really brings out the social positives when mixed properly with androstadienone. That social relationship is what created the idea for the product. The sexual nature of androstanone becomes a bit more pronounced in Dionysos, but for Imprint we are focused on the cerebral/social aspects with air of mystery and eroticism.

Androstadienone has been well studied and lab proven to increase female mood and comfort when subjected to this molecule. This is another suspected imprinting molecule and has a charming, calming effect on females. Increases the social aspects of Andostanone.

     Measures have been enacted to reduce any unwanted androstadienone side effects such as lethargy, as reported by some phero enthusiasts, me included.

     Beta Androstenol is also added into the formula for depth. This has shown enhanced bonding characteristics as well as opening up deep imprinting conversations. Especially when paired with androstadienone.
     Beta Santalol is an active ingredient in sandalwood oil. It is not classified as a classic pheromone and is a Sesquiterpene. It is speculated that this is the aphrodisiac component in sandalwood so that is why I tested it out and put it in there. This is what you smell wearing the product and is a key element in the imprinting potential. This ingredient also allows for some steering of the aforementioned sexual of androstanone to become a bit more pronounced.

     These are some, but not all, of the ingredients in Imprint. However, all are carefully designed to work tandem with each other in the formula to produce a desired effect.

     Diffusion aura of the product is purposely formulated to cloud closer and more intimate to the body as compared to Core (which has a much larger diffusion radius.)

     The best use of Imprint is to fully incorporate your date's senses into the moment and get her smiling. Dont worry so much about smells but pay extra special attention to sight, sound, taste, and touch. Be creative and fun in providing unique and fresh memories for her and all her senses. Women remember how you make them feel.

     Best results average 6-8 hours and reduce slowly for a few after. The product does not come in any other scent as that would seriously defeat the purpose of imprinting a scent memory.

     Recommended Dosage is 1 to 3 sprays maximum in 24 hours. Apply to either the back of the neck, wrists, or back of the shirt. This formula is strong and can imprint the wearer as well. This is a bonding product and bonding is not often one sided. 

                                           Advanced Use:

Imprint combines very well with Core.  The combo provides an increased relationship and imprinting vibe. It adjusts the attention generating wild type Core aura to be a bit more serious, stable, and structured. This combination is advantageous when courting one particular female you will be in close contact with.

Imprint is ideal for a coffee, dinner dates, and hanging out with that someone special in your life.


Status. Social proof. Sexy. They get the job done. This is a status/ high interest product that has power steering and captures the endless possibilities of a true Titan among men.

     How do we do it? A unique combination of phero molecules Alpha Androstenol and Alpha Androsterone deliver the spine of the product. The high amounts of Alpha Androstenol in Titan would strain the strength of the molecule Alpha Androsterone. This left 'as is' would create a less status, more open social blend. So we add Androstenone to provide a dominant alpha male frame to offset this effect and preserve the strength of the Alpha Androsterone molecule. Like a Titan.

     Many testers have noticed that this product can turn sexual after 6 to 8 hours of aging on the skin. This is most likely due to the residual Alpha Androstenol left on the skin being converted into Androstenone by skin bacteria. Sounds gross I know but hey that's nature.

     Tip: One's own natural enone is slightly better than the synthetic form we use in the products. So basically your own initial pherosig just got enhanced by providing raw materials (A-nol) to corne bacteria on the skin to convert to naturally formed enone. An app within an app.
     In theory this conversion warps the end balance away from the initial Titan pheromone signature as the Alpha Androstenol is no longer a large buffer in the formula. Hence the aging process. We have been actively working with this technique and are testing an accelerated sexual version of Titan.

     We felt the name Titan was fitting by the way certain pheromone molecules are used in a supporting role. Once that rigid structure breaks down over time, the resulting signature can end up acting more like Dionysos with less buffers.

     Recommended Dosage: 2 to 4 sprays
Medium ranged phero cloud that tends to reduce in size as the application ages
     Can last up to 10 hours of enhanced social/status. On some body chemistry's the product may provide an additional sexual layer.


     Dionysos (or Dionysus) was the god of ecstasy, the grape harvest, wine, and wine making in Greek mythology. His outrageous festivals are rumored to have been the origins of Greek theater.

     Not all men go out to clubs and venues looking to find that special person to share a life with. Some guys find it enjoyable to go out and savor the moment for just that.. the moment. Enter Dionysos.

     We decided to make a product for men who enjoy the company of multiple females. A product for the guys who want to get in, get out, and dust their tracks.
Dionysos maximizes comfort from the ladies but has a social sexual edge as a layer.

     The main effect ingredient in Dionysos is androstenone which has been known to raise the aura with dominant male sexuality. To this we added a desirable ratio of calming androstadienone to increase comfort to the very masculine androstenone effects. (Think of the yin balancing out the yang.) We also added androstanone and a few friends to tease out increased effects of each base molecule and buffer some of the negatives of high androstenone.

     This product is best suited for night time use as the formula was designed for high energy social gatherings like pubs, bars, parties, etc.
Medium range pherocloud.

     Recommended Dose is 1-3 sprays total in 24 hours to application points such as front of neck, wrists, or clothing. Effects best seen within 4 to 6 hours on females 18-30.
Wash application points or clothing well with soap and water before next use to avoid any unwanted buildup effects.

                                     Advanced Use:

     Core and Dionysos work well in conjunction with each other to produce a sexy and spontaneous aura that is very attractive to females. Different application points and dosage combinations may be needed to figure out your "sweet spot."

When combining products, it is best to use a different application point per product to avoid interfering with diffusion properties.

You don't need any professional writing experience to create great text-content, all you need is an idea and a keyboard.


Sky is the limit when social networking. How many times have you walked into a cold room that stayed, well.. cold? How many cups of coffee later does it take to open a stale business room up?
Introducing Orbital. This formula is designed to increase conversation values and impart the wearer with enhanced social interactions. The wearer of the Orbital signature will come across as eager to converse and very friendly. Effects are very inviting for others to enter your space. Sometimes those affected strongly will occasionally "orbit around you". This can get annoying if not used properly.
It is also common to notice an increase in surrounding background chatter and random attention.
The main ingredient in Orbital is Androstenol. Alpha and Beta to be exact.
Alpha androsterone, beta androsterone, androstenone, androstadienol.
Orbital is very heavy in molecules but comprises very light molecules (that fly off the skin quickly). Best results are seen within 4 hours after application at 2-4 sprays.
Huge phero cloud.
Perfect product for breaking the ice with new jobs, employees, clubs, meetings, dates, and just about anything you would desire added social power.


 Fortune favors the bold.

     The M3X social/sexual formula was designed for intimate encounters and is supported by the highest androstenone content Apex has offered. Best results have been noticed with those of existing high interest levels. However some users have reported that positive results have been seen in total strangers and acquaintances.

     Removal of inhibitions while wearing this product can occasionally be seen in both wearer and audience. These effects are similar to impaired judgment that alcohol consumption can produce. Do not drink M3X.

     The best way to drive a highly sexual formula like M3X is to first observe the initial effects produced on your audience. Some people may become affected more than others and the pheromone user is advised to remain calm. Confidence and patience are the best steering mechanisms that produce the most positive results with the product.

     1 or 2 sprays to the skin is the recommended application.
Placing the application near the face can affect the wearer as well. Applying to the back of the neck and wrists can minimize undesired self effects for many pheromone products.

     Androstenone buildup in M3X can cause conflicting issues with future applications if the previous application point is not cleansed first. Soap and water cleanup will work fine between applications.
     The high androstenone content of M3X is best used on females 30+ age at 1-2 sprays.


Everyone remembers the life of the party.

     Sometimes you want to show the world your style. Style was designed for the purpose of social enhancement of the wearer while maintaining an aura of public dominance.
This formula is recommended to increase popularity within functions of a highly social nature.

     Bring your own personality and smile alot. The rest comes easy.
     Recommended application is 2 sprays to skin.
3+ sprays has been noted to increase male attention dramatically.

You don't need any professional writing experience to create great text-content, all you need is an idea and a keyboard.


Long Lasting High Androsterone Oil.

When you need some serious status without the intimidation that comes with it.  TUSC is a working man's product that spotlights every man's inner macho.

This product has strong imprinting qualities.

*Oils in the 5ml option will come equipped with a 5ml glass Roll On bottle with a stainless steel roller ball.

**Oils in the 10ml option come equipped with a child resistant glass bulb dropper. Press down gently and twist counter clockwise to open product. Press down and twist clockwise to close cap when not in use. Cap will spin freely around bottle neck even when closed.


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